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A short history of Paperpanzer


I First discovered paper models in 2003 after finding Y's Paper Model workshop and building his T34. From then on I was hooked and went on to build anything from cats to fire engines both commercial and free models.

After building a free Pzkpfw II the thought occurred to me this model would look great in gray. So I scanned the model and re-colored it in using MS paint to produce a gray Pzkpfw II . I really enjoyed re-clouring the tank and adding extra parts, what if I could create complete models from scratch..? *BING!* on went the lightbulb and "Paper Panzer" was born. Using MS Paint I could add a few small details but any major changes took ages to do using MS Paint, so i searched around for a better alternative.

In Mid 2005 I was reading a forum entry about using Rhino 3D to design models, I downloaded the evaluation version and set to work. After a couple of failures I managed to create my first model of an A7v.

As of the 29th December 2007 I have one model for sale with another ready to be tested, 12 models waiting to be coloured, 1 full version in work, 4 free models & 2 free models to be tested, with many many more plans on the drawing board.

Andy Holmes

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