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Hello and Welcome to my website

At the moment I've got eight models for sale, six free models & a re-colour to offer.

My commercial Versions of the A7v are ready to buy.


Here are some of my Free models: -

A very simple version of the German A7V

British medium tank "A" Whippet.pdf

Russian WW1 Armoured car Putilov-Garford.pdf

French St. Charmond.pdf tank Mk1

There is now a page of add-on.pdf details designed by Ralf Jopp

A re-colour of a Pzkpfw II.pdf


Any comments about the models would be greatly appreciated and any photos of completed models I will add to the site. You can contact me at…

Help Wanted!

After a recent clear out of all the dead links in my links page I'm running a little low on card model links so if you have any suggestions...

I must say a big THANK YOU to my wife Jane and Pat for all their help and support

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